Look at your desk right now. How many loose papers, files, or folders do you have skaValue Series Lateral Filesttered about? How many of them do you actually have an urgent need to keep in reaching distance? Sure, some of us like to keep our desks messy because “it’s our mess,” but for some of us others, we simply can’t afford a new filing cabinet. Well there is good news for us in the latter. This week’s Feature of the Week is the Value Series Later File. Available in Black or Putty, this heavy duty cabinet includes ball-bearing drawer slides, an interlocking drawer system, and a core removable lock. It also includes hanging rails for letter, legal, or A4 filing. Now you can finally afford to tidy up that mess on your desk and get a little more organized. Call us today!

You know when the police have a suspect but they don’t have an actual photo of the guy/girl, they end up with a pencil drawing of them? Is it me, or do those people always look a little sketchy?


I don’t know about you guys, and for some reason I feel a little guilty saying this, but every once in a while I like to be comfortable when I work. Sure, I get intently focused on things where I need to be sitting up and focused on the screen. But I’d be lying to you if I didn’t tell you that a few of these blogs have been written when I was sitting down…IN MY RECLINER! So sue me.

Now, this week’s Featured Item is not a recliner, but it is a Phelonic Swivel Mouse PlatforSwivel Mouse and Keyboard Traym, brought to you by the good folks at Value Series. What this baby does is essentially bring the action to you. Put it under your desk, lean back, and get that work done without the strain on your back. Works for righties and you southpaws as well. So call today and ensure that your workspace is ergonomically correct…and comfortable!

QUICK THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: You remember that Bernie Madoff guy? You know how he got his name? It’s because he MADE-OFF with all of our money! Ha! And to think, it only took me three years to write that punchline.