High Speed Copy Paper

Are you constantly waiting on your printer to be fixed? Or are you always having to fix a paper jam? Our Featured Office Products Item of the Week is the Willcopy High Speed paper. The High Speed paper is engineered for use in high speed copiers, plain paper fax machines, and ink jet or laser printers. You won’t find any dust in these reams, either. Every sheet is cut perfectly square to guarantee problem-free printing. It’s ideal for everyday business use! Bulk pricing is available when you order more than 2 cases! Get yours today with your next Office Supplies order!

Paper Made Out Of 100% Eucalyptus Fibers


You read that right! This paper is made from 100% planted and renewable eucalyptus fibers. It is multipurpose copy paper with HP ColorLok Technology. This provides consistent, high-quality color and superior printing results. This paper features high whiteness and brightness plus superior opacity and runnability. It is quick drying for faster handling time. All of this from eucalyptus? You got it!

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When considering your next copy paper purchase do you understand the difference in brightness levels and it’s effect on your documents? Copy paper brightness is measured on a scale from 1-100 in US metrics and most generic papers range from the high 80’s to the low 90’s. Higher quality papers like the Hammermill color copy paper has a brightness level of 98 and will provide better image clarity and sharper colors than that of a lower-caliber brightness level. Call 845-1950 to see which copy paper would best suit you!