Hello again and welcome back to the OffiSource Blog. We hope you had a great holiday! In case you were wondering, our cookout was a great success. We want to thank everyone who made it out and to everyone who didn’t, we hope you can make it next year! Now to our Featured Product of the Week.

Solo Bristo Hot CupsAre you tired of Bob from the cubicle next door who always sets his dirty coffee mug in the sink instead of actually taking the time to wash it? I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to my office kitchen to use a dish or cup and was unable to find any clean ones, but could find a sink full of dirty ones. If you’re tired of doing the dishes, then you’ll want to take advantage of this week’s featured product – the Solo Bristo Hot Cups. These cups are perfect for hot coffee, hot cocoa, or cold tea as they are designed to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks, well, cold. These come in packs of 50 and also come with snapping lids, plus they are stackable to save cabinet space. So if you’re the one always doing the dishes in your office, then its time for you to take a break! Order yours today!


Do you ever feel bad for not drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day? No sweat. Our featured product has you covered – Crystal Light Tea Mix Sticks.
Crystal Light Iced Tea Mix Sticks MJK00757All you have to do is dump one of these bad boys in a bottle of water, shake vigorously, and boom – you’re on your way to getting your daily dose of water. And if you don’t already have bottled water, it works just as well with a glass from the tap.
It’s only five calories and it means you don’t have to separately buy tea! So whether you’re on the go or just trying to satisfy everyone in the office, be sure to pick up an order of the Crystal Light Tea Mix Sticks today. Available in a variety of flavors!



Is your company lacking something? Namely a water cooler or two? Don’t fret. This week’s featured product is Nestle Premium Spring Bottled Water. These bottles arePremium Spring Bottled Water made with 15% less plastic than the average bottled water and the label takes 30% less paper to make. If you’re worried about the environment, Nestle Bottled Water is the way to go. And with our free delivery, you can rest assured that no one in the office will go thirsty anymore. Or have to use the water fountain.

Also, don’t forget that this Friday is our Fourth of July Cookout Celebration! There will be free food, contests, and prize giveaways. On display will be an assortment of gently used furniture for sale. We will have chairs, desks, filing cabinets, and some other items all on crazy discount prices. Come get the Independence Day weekend started early by celebrating with all the good folks at OffiSource. Grab a burger, a beer, and have some good times! See you there!

KEURIG for Sale!


Looking for festive writing utensils? Look no further! These cute pencils will bring some holiday cheer to all those around you. They are also ideal for gift giving or stocking stuffers. The brightly decorated barrels make the pencils enjoyable to use. The pencils are #2 with latex-free erasers. They come in a pack of 12. Part number MPD7921B. Call 845-1950 to order now!