The Microburst Duet Dispenser and Fragrance Refill

MicroburstIs the smell in your office interfering with your everyday tasks? NO WORRIES! We have found the perfect product to make your days smell so much better! Doesn’t that sound refreshing! The Rubbermaid Microburst Duet Dispenser and Fragrance refills will give you the burst of a new and refreshed smell for your everyday work environment. Worried about getting sick of the same fragrance each day? No worries! The Microburst aerosol dispensing odor control system will automatically alternate between two fragrances of your choice to make your day a little less smelly, giving you the opportunity to get all your important tasksin the office done efficiently!Fragrance Refill

These alternating scents eliminate fragrance fatigue with a cost effective solution for a smelly situation. This high quality fragrance dispenser will put all your worries to ease as you can look forward to walking into the office with a refreshed and renewed scent in the air. This duet dispenser will put you and your employee team to ease knowing you can come to the office each day with a clean, refreshing, renewed smell! Refills are available with a variety of alternating scents! Pick one up today so you and your team can experience each day with a fresh new outlook!

Dispenser- $120.38

Refills- $73.99

Natural Hand-Cleaner for Tough Jobs with Coco Scrub

What could be better than a hand cleaner scrub with a tropical twist! Coco Scrub Hand Cleaner is an industrial-strength, non-solvent hand cleaner with a coconut fresh scent!   Tough on dirt yet gentle on the hands, this refreshing little tub of happiness uses millions of dirt-busting poly scrubbers to dig out and mop up even the toughest soils. It’s fortified with soothing emollients to prevent drying and cracking, it will treat your hands to a trip to paradise!Coco Scrub

How can you go wrong with something this awesome?   Every visit to the tub guarantees a short escape to a sunny beach with warm breezes and an ice cold drink. Sign me up immediately!

Absolutely a must have for any location where your hands get dirty. Just add item code PTX14104 to your next COS order before your next dirty job!

The Power of the Magic Eraser

Mr. Clean EraserMr. Clean is there for one purpose: to help you clean easier! Magic eraser is relatively new and is one of the best products out there; multiple surfaces one cleaning product. Less room taken up in the cabinet or supply closet means more room for something else! One other thing… you can use it on ANY surface; yes ANY surface. It won’t ruin the granite, it won’t take off the cabinet finish, and it definitely won’t cause you any grief.

Your rags and towels may feel left out, because Mr. Clean is used for dishes, tables, and counter tops. With the added power of Dawn Dish soap, grease is a goner and the dishes are squeaky clean. What’s that you say? Without the need for dishrags you’ll have even more storage space?! All you need to do is add water to make the little piece magic start working for you. The tough material won’t wear out easily which means all you have to do is keep track of where you left it last, because with being able to use this little piece of magic in so many rooms it’s going to be in hot demand all around the home and office.

Easy, Upholstery Cleaning for the Office

Do you have carpets in your office or your home?  Does it frustrate you when something gets spilled and leaves a stain? Do you pets?  Accidents happen…

I’d like to introduce you to Proxi spray.  It is a Hydrogen Peroxide-Proxi Spraybased formula that provides stain removal and deodorizing for carpet and upholstery.  It is ideal for organic stains and odors from coffee, soda and pets as well as old stains.

This miracle product requires no scrubbing, blotting or rinsing.  Now you don’t have to get upset when your co-workers, your favorite child, grandchild or even your beloved 4-legged children have an accident.  This product is designed to make your life easier and to make carpet care even easier.  Cleans and dries quickly.

So to make your life easier at work and at home, click here to order RCMPC11849315.

Proxi Spray and Walk Away!!

April – Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung and companies are looking toward sprucing up their offices with new products in the month of April.

Office Cleaning Supplies

Janitorial SuppliesStatistics show that healthy and clean work environments promote not only wellbeing but productivity and retention. Spring is the perfect time to get a head-start on office cleaning supplies, and lowering overall budget by stocking up with wholesale vendors.

Visit our Janitorial & Office Wellness page for featured cleaning items with special offers.

Genuine Joe Deoderizing Commode Restroom Mat

Ok, we are all a little busier than we used to be.  And with the hustle and bustle sometimes comes the potential for mistake here and there or as is the case in the men’s room, a shot that is slightly off the mark!  NO WORRIES!  We have found the perfect product to help control the “collateral damage”.

The GCommode Restroom Matenuine Joe Deoderizing Commode Restroom Mat!  (Yes, it absorbs liquids and the stinky smell that comes with them!)  Check this out.


The GJO 58331 is shape cut to fit around the throne in your restroom and provide a soft, absorptive place for any guys errant shot to land.  How awesome is that!  (Please don’t tell us how this gives the guys in your life another license to be lazy, we can only fix one issue at a time)

Place the item around the base of your toilet and change as needed.  Have the men in the office replace once saturated.  That would also be a great time to remind them to replace the magazines they have laying around in there as well!