Dee Disher

Dee websiteName: Dee Disher

With COS Since: 2003

Favorite Client Moment: Have developed a lot of close relationships with a lot of customers.  We have shared good times and bad times. The best times is when there is an opportunity for me to meet the customers and put a face to the voice or emails. There isn’t one particular moment but I did get a good laugh when some co-workers of a customer found me at our Customer Appreciation Cookout and handed me a gift bag from my customer.  She knows me very well because inside was a small shot bottle of Grey Goose!

Favorite Thing about working at COS: Working at COS is like working with family.  With COS you don’t just try to beat the clock.  You are a person that they care about.  Working in an environment like that, makes you take pride in your work, and makes you want to work harder to accomplish more.  They are very caring and giving people and I was blessed when I was asked to join their team 13 years ago.

Quirky Fact:  I am a Disney fanatic.  Just old school Disney characters (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto & Goofy)  I even have a tattoo of Mickey & Minnie on my arm.