Becca Branch

Becca BranchName: Becca Branch

With COS Since: 2016

Favorite thing about COS: Being able to work with such a great group of people each day. Also, being able to come into COS each day knowing I can make someone’s day a little better and easier by giving them the upmost customer care experience.

Favorite Client Moment: I had a client call one morning, who had a very rough day already. I was able to ease her worries of getting her supplies there by the afternoon, but also lifted her spirits with some light hearted conversation. Being able to ease her worries of getting all the supplies she needed by a certain time but also be able to help talk her down from a rough day makes me love what I do.

Quirky Fact: I recently took up the game of golf! Although I’m not very good yet, it’s something I have come to enjoy doing in my spare time!