KEURIG for Sale!


Looking for festive writing utensils? Look no further! These cute pencils will bring some holiday cheer to all those around you. They are also ideal for gift giving or stocking stuffers. The brightly decorated barrels make the pencils enjoyable to use. The pencils are #2 with latex-free erasers. They come in a pack of 12. Part number MPD7921B. Call 845-1950 to order now!



When considering your next copy paper purchase do you understand the difference in brightness levels and it’s effect on your documents? Copy paper brightness is measured on a scale from 1-100 in US metrics and most generic papers range from the high 80’s to the low 90’s. Higher quality papers like the Hammermill color copy paper has a brightness level of 98 and will provide better image clarity and sharper colors than that of a lower-caliber brightness level. Call 845-1950 to see which copy paper would best suit you!