Alex Shelton

Alex websiteName: Alex Shelton

With COS Since: 2016

Favorite Client Moment: talking to our clients, one on one, is always my favorite client interaction. Joking, cutting up, and laughing with the people we talk to on a weekly basis makes the day just a little bit happier. Everyone who talks to me knows very quickly just how much I love to laugh and make a joke or two. Having customers that I can laugh with is the absolute best part of my job.

Favorite Thing About Working at COS: Working with the Birds is the best part of this job. Not only are they a family, but they have welcomed me into their family as one of their own. I’ve never felt so welcome in a “job” before when it comes to the amazing people I work with.

Quirky Fact: I love to can out of my garden! Green beans, salsa, tomato juice, freezer corn, raspberry and grape jelly: all home grown and all fresh!

Bio: I grew up on my parents’ farm in Putnam County, Indiana. I graduated, in 2015, from Indiana Tech in Fort Wayne, IN with a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing. Currently, I have one child, with paws: Senor Puss-Puss. Just starting out on my own, there is much still left to be told!